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Dark One: Book One of The Khiara Banning Series

When Khiara Banning was born, her untainted soul was chosen to be the bringer of the final battle between good and evil, but due to her parent’s foolishness she was cursed - cursed to be truly alone. No Guardian, and no Soul Mate. Cael, a fallen angel, heard about this and when he saw her, he felt that he needed to protect her. 


Cael begged to be her guardian and because God is fair, it was allowed, but if any mistakes were to be made, Cael would no longer hold his title.


Years later, the curse takes a terrifying new turn that not even God could have predicted. The only person who knows how to fix it is the very person who cursed her in the first place- the Goddess, Morrigan, and she alone knows something that will change Khiara’s fate forever. Can the perseverance and power of Cael be great enough to overcome the poisonous evils in the final battle? Will Khiara be able to endure the onslaught?

Her survival is crucial, as the world depends on it.


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Forgotten Places: An Anthology of Fantasy Stories

A rich, diverse collection of short stories inspired by some of Earth's forgotten places. Organised by best-selling author Josh Walker and edited by Angel Blackwood, this collection of inspired stories brings something new and exciting. All proceeds from this anthology will be donated to St Judes Children's Hospital.

Such Exquisite Calamity (1).jpg

Such Exquisite Calamity: Book One

Spencer and Cayden have always known that they were different from each of their parents, but when Spencer saves Cayden from a stab wound using only her tears and sheer willpower, they find out exactly what they are: the only two of their kind, born under a prophecy. Not Caster, not Familiar, but an impossible combination of both known as The Two, or The Lovers.

Stumbling through the new world of Casters, Familiars and Demigods together proves dangerous for the pair, and unwanted enemies arise as emotions between them become more and more complicated.

Will Cayden and Spencer be able to find themselves amidst the chaos? Or will they succumb to the power of those trying to stop them?

The Pillowcase Prince

Come one, come all, to the Kingdom of Montroy, where there lives a very important boy. His name is Alexander, he is the Pillowcase Prince, and he gets into loads of adventures with his very best friend named Cid. Ages 4-up, but little ones like it too! 

Betrayals of Another Kind: an anthology

No one pays attention to the sidekicks, the apprentices, the stable boys, the second class characters, and they're tired of it. Now the ones considered the heroes will become the victims of betrayal; whether deliberate or accidental, it makes no difference.

See the products of these betrayals in stories by:
Joann M. Shevock, R. Judas Brown, Angel Blackwood, Melissa Robitille, Daniel Eastman, Layne Calry, Gary Lee Webb, Sydnie Beaupre, Adele Marie Park, Kyle Della-Rocco, and Victoria Harrison.

Organic Ink Volume One: a poetry anthology

Poetry; a unique and beautiful way to express feelings and ideas. Weaving words into perfect poetic prose, these fifty authors remind you of your childhood, bring comfort from the hardships of life, fiercely spur emotions, and tell tales of old. All lovers of poetry will find a favorite here.Featuring poetry by Zoey Xolton, Melinda Kucsera, Beth Patterson, Sofi Laporte, Terry Miller, Debbie Manber Kupfer, Aditya Deshmukh, A.K. Hata, Patrick Winters, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Jayde Reider, L.L. Nelson, Ximena Escobar, C.A. MacKenzie, Stacey Jaine McIntosh, Cindy O'Quinn, Thomas Sturgeon Jr., Maria Williams, M. Brandon Robbins, Vanessa Bane, Amy Ledford, Pamela Jeffs, C.L. Williams, Rowan Thalia, Charles Reis, Datura Lily, Gareth Barsby, D.S. Durden, Matthew M. Montelione, Karen Jeffers-Tracy, Gerry Sarnat, Galina Trefil, Gabriella Balcom, Irene Ferraro-Sives, Jennifer Carr, Shawn M. Klimek, Joshua Lupardus, Sydnie Beaupre, Jack Wolfe Frost, Aaron Channel, A.R. Johnston, John Grey, Sam M. Phillips, Rowanne S. Carberry, Joanne Van Leerdam, A.A. Rubin, Anthony Regolino, Nerisha Kemraj, J.E. Feldman, and Fanni Suto.

Organic Ink Volume Three: a poetry anthology

Poetry; a unique and beautiful way to express feelings and ideas. Weaving words into perfect poetic prose, these authors remind you of your childhood, bring comfort from the hardships of life, fiercely spur emotions, and tell tales of old. All lovers of poetry will find a favorite here.

Featuring poetry from Amy Ledford, J.E. Feldman, Datura Lily, Vanessa Bane, McKenzie Richardson, Sydnie Beaupre, Gabriella Balcom, Vanessa Caraveo, Joshua E. Borgmann, Beth W. Patterson, Zoey Xolton, Jennifer Carr, and Joshua Lupardus.

Sydenayrox_ebook (1).jpg
Such Exquisite Calamity 

Such Delicate Memories

Spencer has awakened from her coma an amnesiac - she has no solid memories about her life at all. She only remembers Cayden, and even then, only how his name makes her feel.
After having her whole life and species explained to her, Spencer adapts slowly over the course of five months to her new life through interactions with her friends and family, and through physical therapy. Even as her memories return, and Violet's begin to sync with hers, she has to live with the possibility that Cayden may never wake up again.

Such Powerful Rehabilitation

Cayden/Shane's recovery after awakening from their coma.

Such Agonizing Fortune

Jack and his cronies have been defeated, and Cayden has been in a coma since he was saved by Spencer, who is now attending an academy in northern Quebec that specializes in teaching Casters and Familiars how to use their abilities. When Cayden awakens, however, he isn't Cayden - he is Shane, one of Cayden's alters because as it turns out, Cayden has Dissociative Identity Disorder.
Can Spencer get to know Cayden's alter, to bring Cayden back, so he can Awaken before their eighteenth birthday?
Find out, in Such Agonizing Fortune.

Such Extraordinary Beauty

The last installment in the Such Exquisite Calamity series. Spencer and Caycay come face to face with Marcus. What are they to do?


The Supernatural Act was made to keep the world safe and pure. No more psychics, no more witches, no more shapeshifters. Anybody with "impure" or "diluted" blood is to be sent to an institution where they spend their days as lab rats.
Allyson Greywood is just trying to seem normal in a world where she is anything but. At a prestigious boarding school, she is laying low, hiding from the eyes of the government as best as she can.
Chris Amherst is running from the government. He was put away once and doesn't plan on being put away again.
The two share an inexplicable connection and end up meeting by pure chance. Though they don't trust one another, they must work together to keep the government off their backs and to find a way to understand their strange connection.

only the dead.jpg
Only The Dead

During a test one day on the compound of Socius, seventeen-year-old Kaya encounters the words Anima Mortem, which she is asked to translate: animated death. After that she meets Luka Wintle, a boy with eyes that bring back her past, a boy whose sister is dying of a disease Kaya thought had been eradicated in anybody under fifty. A boy who knows about Anima Mortem. And a boy who, like her, wants to take the tyrannical Lukas Wintle, his adopted father, down.
Meanwhile outside of the compound, Micah is captured by a group of Raiders and put to work in the labs below the compound to earn her keep because she is not a viable test subject. It’s outside the compound as she's finally been promoted to Raider that she encounters William whose parents and younger brother have just been shot by her co-Raiders. Because she doesn’t want him to be killed like his family, she carefully tests his blood only to find that it is intertwined with Wolf DNA and so, not wanting him to be tested on, she does the unthinkable; she takes a sample of her own blood instead. But at what cost? Could his blood be the cure that Lukas Wintle and the rest of the world has been waiting for?


On Calliope's first day at Maywood Crest Boarding School, she crosses paths and becomes friends with a mysterious fivesome of students; The angsty Greyson and his bubbly twin Emma, shy computer geek Gage, outspoken activist Lex ,and her brother the always-tired Hunter. who is the oldest that takes care of them all like a mother and father. Upon becoming friends with them, Callie starts to notice something strange about them all, especially Greyson, and eventually she finds out the truth; they're ex-government test subjects and each of them can control an element.
Callie also learns something magical about herself - she's a natural born Elemental, unlike her friends, who were all created in a lab

how I.jpg
How I'm Feeling

How I'm feeling is a book for easy readers, that deals with every day emotions in an easy and fun manner. For ages 3-6

Cayden Fights the pizza Monster (13).jpg
Cayden Fights The Evil Dr. Pizza

A very easy to read book for pre-k to grade one, about one kid who saves the day from some evil pizza!

to the (1).jpg
Merry Christmas Everyone!

A very short, easy Pre-K to Grade One book about Christmas!

Premium Quality Goods (2).jpg
Happy Hanukkah Everybody

A very short story surrounding the theme of Hanukkah, for Pre-k to Grade One.

Whats in.jpg
What's in the shoe?

A short, fun, Pre-K to Grade One book for easy readers, about Halloween.

Meltingpot: you are not alone

Featuring award winning poet Scott Morgan and newcomer Deborah Otter, Meltingpot is an anthology by or about the neurodivergent, some of whom go through struggles daily. Meltingpot hopes to show that these people are worth something in life, and this anthology hopes to inspire other neurodiverse people to know that they are not alone.


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