Sydnie Beaupré is more than just a girl: they're an openly LQBTQ2IA author that lives in their own imagination: a post-apocalyptic, zombie-inhabited world, where magical creatures and supernatural occurrences are simply the mundane. 

Outside of that, Sydnie can often be found in Montreal, Quebec where they were born and raised - and also where they chose to set their second novel, Such Exquisite Calamity. When they're not struggling to write at least one paragraph a day, you can find them reading the same six books they've been reading for the last two years out of obsession, playing their three stringed violin, or singing very off-key despite being a great singer. And reliably, you can always find Sydnie spending time with their amazing friends and crazy family over a good cup of coffee or tea.


Sydnie also has a slightly unhealthy obsession with llamas. 

They're working on it, they promise!